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Maui Snorkel Tours

Shoreline Snorkel Adventure with Suzzy Robinson

Don’t just wonder what it is . . . be informed and get involved!

Snorkel the reefs of Maui in a safe, fun and unforgettable Snorkel Shoreline Adventure with the “Snorkel Whisperer,” Suzzy Robinson.  Not only will you learn how easy Snorkeling can be, you will also learn how the Hawaiian islands were formed and why they have such special and unique marine life.  Suzzy will then teach you about the fish, coral, and reef creatures you will experience first hand during your snorkel tour.

Suzzy has over 35 years of experience working with all ages of first-time snorkelers and has learned techniques that help almost everyone overcome their worst fears of the ocean and have an amazing snorkeling experience.

Call Suzzy at (808) 268-9840 or go to Maui Snorkel Tours to book your adventure!


Your safety, comfort and enjoyment are Suzzy’s main concern in choosing a snorkel site for your day’s tour.  Your tour is from shore with an easy, gentle entry. (No rocking, crowded boats!) Many of the best sites are located along remote Maui coastline.  Heeding to a couple of suggestions will ensure your experience will be the best it can.

  • Do not bring valuables that you will leave in your car. Theft is unlikely, but the areas are remote and break-ins do happen occasionally.
  • Wear your bathing suit under your clothes and bring sun screen, towels and drinking water.
  • Wear adequate shoes to walk across rock.

Message from Suzzy

After running snorkel tours for over 20 years on Maui and then adding another 15 years helping run the dive boats (guiding scuba tours and captaining the boats)... I still get a natural high sharing my love of the ocean.

People of all ages join me, the youngest 5 years old and the eldest 78 years old. They come out to learn to snorkel in a small group environment (7 people maximum), learn about the reef life and of course they are out to just have a great time. Big kids & little kids too. I must say this snorkel experience is usually one of the top highlights of people's stay while they are on Maui.

Suzzy Robinson

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

TripAdvisor Awards of Excellence

Check out the testimonials on Trip Advisor, Yelp and other Internet sources, or ask your local dive shop or friends who have snorkeled Maui.

Suzzy, the owner and divemaster, is confident and knowledgeable. She doesn't just "lead" a tour, she teaches you about the sea life and coral you'll see and about your gear. We had a small 3-person group and none of us had snorkeled before. Two of us were also novice swimmers with past "water issues" so Suzzy definitely earned her fee with us! She was patient and encouraging the whole time. I probably would have liked more time to just drift and look down, but the trade off was she led us out to a spectacular spot to see sea turtles! I had my own gear, which she was happy to check for me and show me how to use, but her own gear for guests is top of the line stuff and very well maintained. Highly recommend Suzzy for everyone!

There isn't enough time to discuss how wonderful Suzzy, the Snorkel Whisperer, is or the snorkel adventure that she takes you on. This is an amazing experience with tons of beautiful fish and honu (turtles!). Suzzy has all the equipment you will need including wet suits and provides snacks at the end of your adventure. You will not want to miss it if you are on Maui! We are repeat customers and will certainly be back next time.

This was perfect! This is a land based, beach based snorkel tour and really has a personal touch. No large groups to deal with and very educational. As this was our first time snorkeling, we couldn't be more thankful! In fact, after our tour, we went on with our vacation/island hopping and ended on the North Shore buying our own equipment! Ed gave us the confidence we needed; really opened up a new experience for us - Thanks Ed and Suzzy for sharing your love of the ocean and providing us with this life experience!