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Scuba Instruction

In addition to our dive boat, we offer scuba instruction as well!  We have several excellent instructors who absolutely love teaching students the joy of diving!

Whether you want to get your Open Water Certification, finish up your Open Water Referral from a mainland dive shop, get your Advanced Open Water, Nitrox Certification, Rescue Diver, Emergency First Response or Divemaster, we can help you achieve that goal.

We also offer Discover Scuba Diving classes, sponsored by PADI, for those who would like to see if scuba diving is for them!  This is an amazing and affordable opportunity to see the underwater world of Maui!  And, if you decide you like scuba diving, we can complete your certification while you are here!

IMPORTANT:  Prior to taking you out diving, whether it be for your certification course or Discover Scuba Diving, you will be required to fill out PADI forms including a medical questionnaire.  Please review the medical questionnaire we will e-mail you at the time of your booking.  If there are any “yes” answers to any questions, please have your personal physician fill out the form as to each yes, and bring the form with you.

Call our dive store at (808) 879-3584 to schedule any shoreline dives, including instruction, Discover Scuba Diving or guided shore or night dives.

We Offer the Following Diving Instruction Courses:

Advanced Open Water

Call for pricing & availability

The Ed Robinson Advanced Open Water Certification course is one of the best in the business. You’ll experience instruction in a small group and be trained in all required proficiencies in preparation for your test dive.

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Discover Scuba Diving

1-Tank $139.99
2-Tank $189.99

Discover the waters of Maui and its hidden treasures of underwater sealife! You will watch a short video or personalized instruction after which your instructor will offer more explanation as well as show you the equipment and how to use it before you hit the water.

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E-Learning-Advanced Open Water

Call for pricing & availability

Click on PADI e-learning button and choose five specialties you would like to do (Note: Navigation and Deep Diver are required). Complete bookwork. Then call to schedule dives with the instructor. All equipment is included in price. Additional charge for boat dive to satisfy Deep Diver requirement.

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E-Learning – Open Water Diver

$525.00 + PADI e-Learning fee

No need to waste valuable vacation hours for bookwork. It’s the best of both worlds — complete your courses online via PADI prior to arriving to Maui for your test dive. All equipment is included. The only thing to purchase is a log book (something you’ll want to keep up to date throughout your diving adventures).

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Emergency First Aid Responder

Call for pricing & availability

Are you be prepared to deal with an emergency situation or accident? Learn accident management and rescue techniques in the PADI Medic First Aid and Rescue Diver programs.

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Enriched Air-NITROX

$75.00+ PADI e-Learning fee

The PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) program will open your training to the realm of mixed gas diving. Learning how to dive Nitrox will significantly lengthen your bottom time, add to your understanding of your body’s reaction to gas under pressure, and open up new dive sites for your exploration.

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Guided Night Dive

Call for pricing & availability

Guided night dives include all of your dive gear, LIGHTS, and a professional underwater guide.

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Guided Shore Dive

1-Tank $119.99
2-Tank $169.99

Guided shore dives include all equipment and professional underwater guides to show you Maui’s underwater secrets and sea-life.

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Open Water Certification

$774.99 + cost of materials

Ed Robinson’s Diving Adventures offer PADI Open Water Diver Certifications! We work with Maui’s finest instructors, and are pleased to offer training customized to the needs of the student.

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Open Water Referral

$425.00 + logbook & processing fee

Open Water Referral takes two days to complete any confined water skills and your open water dives. We can also complete any dives necessary to get your open water certification. Call us for prices for either doing 3 tanks or 2 tanks to complete your certification.

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Refresher Course

1-Tank $139.99
2-Tank $189.99

PADI refresher course allows certified scuba divers to refresh their skills and move forward with their diving careers.

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Message from Ed

I realized a long time ago that the quality of a dive trip is directly related to the willingness of a divemaster to listen to the diver's (your) needs, and then to go out of his/her way to give you more than you are asking.

Over the years, I have associated myself with the best professional captains and divemasters in Hawaii. The common trait you will find in each of us at Ed Robinson's Diving Adventures is that we care about the quality of the job we do, and we care about the divers we are serving. If you don't have a good day, we don't have a good day either.

Ed Robinson

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Check out the testimonials on Trip Advisor, Yelp and other Internet sources, or ask your local dive shop or friends who have dived Maui.
We won’t have a good day if you don’t – Let’s Go Diving!

Aloha! I want to thank the captain and crew of the Sea Spirit for a fantastic experience diving at Molokini at Crater. This was the first dive I've taken without my own buddy in tow, so I was hoping to find at least one friendly diver on the boat. Instead I found 3 crew that instantly felt like friends and a small group of fun loving divers who all stayed together safely as a group, guided by Ricardo who pointed out all the interesting creatures below, from sea turtle to octopus. It was like a dream and I can't wait to return to Maui for more diving. Mahalo!!

Jennifer Pandino

We dove with 3 different outfits in Maui. All were very good, but yours was the best. The Adventure-X trip on Wednesdays was perfect. We dive a lot at home and prefer being around advanced divers. Ed's crew handles dives perfectly: no rushing, maximum bottom time, safety. The backside of Molokini was amazing. Also, splitting the 2nd tank into two short dives was very considerate. Other operations would have burned the entire tank at one location. We'll be back!


This is my third trip to Maui and diving with Ed Robinson's diving Adventures and I LOVE IT. I probably did anywhere between 50 and 60 dives with ERDA, Molokini back and forth and along the East Coast of Maui knowing all the cool reefs, wrecks and 'secret' spots. Not only I always enjoy the 'hang loose' characters of the dive masters and boat crew, no it's like meeting friends and almost family. Been 'lured' to other dive ops around Maui but keep bouncing back to ERDA. As an enthusiastic diver, photographer and videographer it's a great pleasure to go back to the SEA DIVER and SEA SPIRIT every week. There is no better Maui diving than with Ed and his excellent crew. Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka.

Beat Korner